Unable to pay accounts in a timely manner?

We offer credit counseling and debt counseling to get you out of debt.

  • 17.56 million South Africans are credit active with 61 millions credit accounts, or around 3.5 accounts per credit active customer.
  • 41.60% of these accounts are delinquent.
  • At the end of June 2009 around 80 000 cases of over-indebted were registered with NCR.
  • The industry estimates this will increase to 250 000 by the end of 2009

piggy-bank-2-1241226Do these leave you stressed?

  • Over indebted and unable to pay your accounts.
  • Phone calls and SMSs on arrear accounts.
  • Attorneys letters of demand, threat of garnishee order.
  • High food, fuel, electricity & water accounts and school fees.
  • Unable to pay you life and vehicle insurance.

We have the SOLUTION

  • We offer a strictly Private & Confidential service.
  • Apply for debt review and we can reduce your monthly instalments so that you can start living again.
  • We do a financial analysis and prepare a budget for your living and insurance needs.
  • We negotiate and mediate on your behalf with all your creditors.
  • We do a debt rearrangement and communicate with all your credit providers.
  • We clear your name from the credit bureau after you have paid your accounts.


Dee Raghubir –¬†Debt Counsellor(NCRDC420)

Registered with the National Credit Regulator
Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers in S.A.
Management Development Programme – UNISA
Debt Counselling Assoc of SA
National Debt Mediation Assoc


  • Copy of your bar coded identity document
    (and spouse if married in community of property)
  • 3 month salary advice
  • 3 month bank statement
  • Statements on all accounts
  • Statement of income and expenses
    (joint if married in community of property)
  • Letters, if any, from credit providers, attorneys or debt collectors


Suite 101, Wakefield House, 79 Crompton Street, Pinetown, 3610


031 701 7689
083 284 9338
078 244 9959


086 542 4775